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Joined by a small stretch of land to the mainland, Tarbert heads the peninsula of Kintyre, a land stretching upto 8 miles wide and 40 miles long. The land here is very fertile although the main spine of the land is of rough and stony ground, with hardly a road crossing it.The main spine of Kintyre consists of rough hills that run from the north to south incorporating streams and waterfalls, which can be seen best after heavy rainfall as the waters drain from the hills into the glens.

The peninsulas eastern coastline has coves and bays in a abundance. Many spots along this coastline contain some unusual rock formations, such as what the locals call "flatstone beach" where mostly flt circular and oval stones cover the whole beach for a good mile or more. Also along this stretch you will find, beaches and coastline where unusal rocks break through the surface of the waters and the sand and are of various colours, some unusual greys, almost silver and some greener rocks.

The peninsulas western side however has slopes with a gentler gradient, meeting the steeper eastern side in the centre. The land here is also fertile but much lighter in composition than the rocky eastern lands.

From Tarbert and following the land southwards, most of the geological rock types consist mainly of Quartzose Micaschist (Quartz), there is also 'Green Beds' which run the whole length and protrude in certain spots allowing a better view of these unusual metamorphic rock formations.

The climate here in Tarbert, and generally across Kintyre is mild, where snow is rare and summer temperatures soar to over 80 F. Kintyre seems to have its own climate and weather, often experiencing good weather even when the forecasts are not very good. But the land does not remain fertile without a healthy amount of rain, the soil and land has excellent drainage and channeling enabling the land to remain fertile even through the heaviest downpours. The average rainfall is approximately 50 inches per annum across the area which is a little higher than the western arable land of Kintyre.

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